Review of iDates Dating site

Jan 16, 2020

iDates is a dating website with features that allow you to meet and mingle with singles that share similar interests as you. iDates also has an accompanying mobile app that brings together thousands of users as a dating, flirting, and chatting platform. 

 This dating site is not only open to singles but also to people who are interested in getting contacts for friendly conversations. The website has been active since 2016, with an appeal to both men and women, including those that subscribe to same-sex relationships. 

We signed up on iDate Dating Site to establish its ease of use, functionality, special features, and related costs. We discovered that iDates has unique features that will easily help you find your match, and it is worth your time. You will definitely find the dating experience you are looking for.

The Pros and Cons of iDates Dating App

Here is an overview of some of the advantages and disadvantages that come with using iDates.


  • Free and simple registration process.
  • Comes with a free-to-download accompanying mobile app.
  • Free live notifications.
  • Dating tips and expertise support to users.
  • Users can test the reliability of the Dating Site for free prior to signing up.


  • iDates is relatively costly to use.
  • No free messaging.
  • It is easy to create fake profiles via the site.
  • No personality tests.

How iDates Works

Here is a snapshot of what you should expect when using iDates.


Registering to iDates is fast, straightforward, and absolutely free. Provide some basic information such as your email address, gender, and date of birth, and you will be set for signup. 

You can also sign up to iDates via Google Plus or Facebook. Personal information used when signing up for these platforms will be automatically applied to have you registered to iDates.

Contacting Other Singles

You will require what is termed as ‘coins’ for you to send messages to other iDates members. For instance, it will cost you 50 coins to send a direct message to another single. 

Fortunately, upon registration, iDates offers you free 100 coins as a welcome bonus to new members. With the 100 coins, you get in touch with at least two singles for free. 

You can purchase more coins via the iDates app or website for more chances to direct messages.Once your profile has been viewed or liked, you will receive live notifications. 

You can also search for more perfect matches around your area and across the globe.The good thing with running searches on iDates is that you can filter out your match based on location and age.

User Experience

The user experience in iDates is based on the ‘Like and Match’ feature. What this means is that if someone views and likes your profile, then all you need is to answer to their ‘Like’ by liking their profile too. 

This makes you two a ‘Match’, and the vice versa is also true. Once you become a ‘Match’, iDates enables you two to chat.

Dating Advice for Men

Upload appealing pictures only, especially those that present your gorgeous smile. Users with such appealing profile pictures get matches quite easily.


Dating Advice for Women

Go for men who do not meet your ‘list’ of specifications. Not only do you expand your dating pool, but you also increase your chances of landing into the hands of the love of your life.

Special Functions

iDates has a ‘MatchMe’ feature that allows you to receive a live notification when someone likes your profile or when a member is interested in chatting with you. 

You also get access to the ‘City Search’ feature, where you get a chance to find friends by specifying any city across the globe.

iDates Prices

Free iDates Account

With the free account, you get to signup to iDates and create your profile for free. In addition to getting live notifications, you can also ‘like’ member profiles. The free 100-Coins bonus accompanies the free account.

Premium Account

Fee-based services include direct messaging, top matches, unlimited chats, and instant notification on who ‘Likes’ your profile. Your profile also receives a top highlight.

How Secure is iDates?

iDates is a convenient dating site. However, the loop in the site to create fake profiles discredits the authenticity of member profiles. Fortunately, you can contact iDates via their support team at in case you get scammed by a member. 

Profile Removal

If you want to delete your iDates account, all you need to do is send your profile information (email address and username) to their support team at Your account will be deleted immediately.

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