A Quick Guide on How to Approach Girl on Dating Sites

Jun 19, 2018

Once upon a time, the online dating scene came with a lot of stigmas. People were convinced that meeting a stranger from the Internet was a great way to end up murdered. 

However, thanks to the rise in popularity of online dating websites it has become an accepted way of forming a relationship. Now, the question has become "how to approach girl?" rather than "should I approach a girl?". 

There are actually a lot of people who have managed to form a healthy, long-lasting relationship after meeting online. 

It is a convenient way to find people with similar interests and once you have learned how to approach a woman online it is only a matter of time before you find someone special. 

Now, just because talking to people online has become normal does not mean that it is easy. The good news is thatthe more you try, the easier it gets

Once you have how to approach a woman then securing dates should be easy. So now it is time for us to talk you through the process of how to approach girl on a dating site.

  How to Approach Girl and What to Say

We are going to let you in on a little secret. Women, including those found online, are just like you

They have their own interests, dislikes, insecurities and things they are looking for. Some of them might only be looking for someone to talk to and that is fine. 

So when you are thinking about how to approach a woman, bear that in mind. 

If you are struggling with getting responses from girls, then it is best to leave them alone. 

As we said before, not everyone is actually looking for a date and some of them may not even be looking to talk at that time. 

Far better to spend your time looking for someone who is actually receptive

Something to bear in mind. Meeting up with strangers from online is still a dangerous prospect for a lot of women. 

So if you come off as aggressive and try to force them to talk to you, that is a good way to scare them off. Nothing is going to kill your chances as acting like a stalker or a creep. 

A lot of this can be mitigated by using one of the dating sites you actually have to pay for. 

Paying for a service that others offer for free may seem like a waste, but the premium sites tend to offer more security which will make women more comfortable and thus more likely to respond to you

Remember to believe in yourself. You want to learn how to approach girl because you believe you are worth her time. 

This is true, you are. Any rejections you get along the way do not necessarily reflect badly on you, they can always be busy or in a bad place. Let it go and move on. Of course, you may be wondering how to actually start a conversation.

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What to do when Approaching a Woman

The great thing about dating websites is that they provide you with plenty of information to get a conversation started. If the profile of someone you are interested in has no information, then they probably are not seriously looking for anyone.


Some people will tell you that you can use the same basic, cheesy pickup lines to start any conversation. 

Some people think that getting any response, even an irritated one, is better than nothing and that they can fix it later. This is not true. Anyone that is willing to talk to you in spite of being irritated at what you said would have talked to you anyway. Far better to skip the irritated bit and just start on good terms.


Their profile will tell you what they are into so use that. If you are not familiar with the topics they list then this person may not be the best match for you. If you want to persist then you can always do some research to learn more. 

However, and this must be stressed, do not lie. Do not pretend to share a common interest or be an expert on some subject just to get a response. It might get things started but this kind of dishonesty will ruin things later. 

Instead, you want to find a way to be genuine. Remember, you are trying to sell yourself as you really are. So find something you are generally interested in and ask them about it. 

For example, you could say "Hey, I saw on your profile that you love *insert TV show here*. Who is your favourite character?" If you like the same show this is a good time to insert a small remark which shows that you have this thing in common. 

Another common piece of advice that is often given out is to say something mildly insulting. People mistakenly think that being mean is the same as being confident. After all, how else are you supposed to make yourself stand out from the crowds of people vying for attention? 

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Being Unique

Here is the thing, you are already unique. The first step is to actually believe it. If you do not then there is no way that someone you have met online is going to and no amount of cookie-cutter pickup lines is going to solve that for you. 

Think of yourself in the way you would sell anything, like a car. Cars have unique selling points that set them apart. So do you. 

There is no such thing as a car that has nothing worth selling. You have attributes worth talking about

In learning how to approach a woman what you have to realise is that it is not that different from approaching anyone. 

If you want to have any kind of relationship with this person then you are going to need to enjoy each other's company. In that way, approaching girls online is a lot like making friends anywhere. 

Something caused that relationship to happen and it is a perfectly good way to find someone to start dating too. You might already know how to approach a woman online and you simply may not realise it. 

You will be surprised just how far you get if you think of girls as an opportunity to make a new friend and not an object exclusively for dating.

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