Dating starts to be fun again

Jun 13, 2018

Gone are the days of waiting three days to call someone, and good riddance. In today’s fast-paced world, the way we date has had to keep up with the rest of our lives. Here we take a look at how dating is changed, and why it’s fun again!

Online dating

With the rise of the internet, it’s become easier and quicker to find someone who’s a better match for you - who wouldn’t want to find the person of their dreams at the click of a button? With so many dating websites and apps, it’s easier than ever to find tons of people who are compatible with you. 


There are more and more places online these days that will match you up with other people, and some of them even give you tips and fun first date ideas. When they first arrived on the scene we viewed them with more than a little suspicion, but these days everyone is using them! Whoever you’re looking for, you can simply make a profile and start making connections. Try our best ranked website.

Dating apps

You don’t even have to sit down at your computer, either - dating apps have brought the dating site to your mobile phone. With a swipe of your finger, you can accept or pass over hundreds of potential partners. Look up some fun things to do on a date, and you’re good to go! 


Dating is fun for everyone! Same-sex couples are finding it easier to meet than ever before, thanks to dating apps and sites. In fact, the vast majority meet online now! Some sites cater to straight and not-straight people, others are dedicated to the LGBT community.

Over 50?

If you’re over 50 and looking for that special someone, then don’t worry - the 21st century hasn’t left you behind. There are some great dating sites for the more mature person as well! Dating is fun for the kids these days, so why not you too?!

21st Century Boys and Girls

We said that the days of waiting three days to call are over, but what are the dos and don'ts of dating these days? 

Things have changed a lot in the last couple of decades, and the last thing you want to start your new dating life is a social faux-pas. We’ve looked at a few things that are generally accepted (or not!) nowadays, that you might not know about if you’re new to the dating scene again.


For the first few dates at least, it’s perfectly acceptable to be seeing more than one person at once - as long as you’re honest about it! 

No-one has time, especially when they’re starting afresh, to go on a few dates, see if it’s going well, move on if it’s not, and repeat. If you do want to keep it casual long term, however, make sure that the other person knows this and is OK with it. You can also start checking the Top 5 Dating Sites in South Africa to find a partner.

Breaking up

It’s OK now to break up with someone via text, as long as you’ve only been on three or fewer dates. 

Any longer than that and you still need to sit the person down, especially if they seem to think it’s going well. Treat this one with caution, as not everyone will agree!


Don’t do this. Just don’t! It’s never okay to break up with someone by ignoring them. 

Etiquette might be a little more relaxed these days, but disappearing off the face of the earth is just rude. Your mileage may vary for most things on this list, but ghosting is the absolute worst.

Doin’ the Do

There is really only one rule any more when it comes to the bedroom - consent! Dating is fun again, and sex can be just as much so with fewer social rules surrounding it these days. If you and your date both wanna get down, there’s nothing stopping you - make sure you’re both protected and have fun!

Fun things to do on a date

So now that you know where to find dates and what’s expected of us all in the 21st century, what are some fun first date ideas? Well, here are a few that should get you going. If you want fun things to do on a date, try some of these:

3 courses in 3 restaurants

You know a great tapas place, they know somewhere that does great gourmet burgers, and you’ve both been dying to try that new ice cream shop that just opened? Why not do all three at once!

The walking coffee date

Get coffees to go, and walk around your town. Even better if you can go to some unfamiliar places, that way you can discover them together! You might even discover some other fun first date ideas for next time…

Netflix and Chill

Netflix and chill is one of those new, fun first date ideas. Just meet up at the person’s house, put on Netflix, and chill! It’s a relaxed date with little pressure, and it’s easy to move things along if they’re going well. If you want fun things to do on a date, you need look no further than your living room.

Dating is fun and you need to wear the proper clothes! What to wear in a first date!