10 Bad Relationship Habits. Are You In a Toxic Relationship?

Jun 22, 2018

Some of the signs we list here may seem obvious but it is very different when you on the receiving end. If too many of these sound familiar then it may be time to ask "are you in a bad relationship?". 

The warning signs of a toxic relationship are easy to miss because being in one is kind of like being in a cult

The victim will probably believe in what their abuser is doing and even defend them. Remember, not all abuse is physical

The 10 Warnings Signs of a Toxic Relationship

#1 Intense Courthsip

A bad relationship will often start with a whirlwind romance

For example, they may tell you that they love you mere days after the relationship starts. 

Then, they will want to spend more and more time with you until you feel unable to do anything else, even if you want to have time to yourself. 

A bad relationship will often have a bad beginning. An abusive partner will want to move in with you very early and this is one of the first relationship crisis signs you need to watch out for.

#2 Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is one the most critical warning signs of a toxic relationship

It does not always involve shouting either. If you are in a bad relationship you may be insulted, called names and generally demeaned in every way, slowly crushing your self-esteem.

#3 Idealised one Moment and Worthless the Next

You may be wondering, "are you in a bad relationship?" because your partner is mostly nice to you. 

Being kind can actually be part of an abusive behavioural pattern. Your partner may tell you that you are wonderful one moment and then, later on, make you feel utterly worthless. 

They praise you when your behaviour and mannerisms suit them and condemn you the rest of the time. This may be interspersed with times where you are ignored until you apologise or do something else to appease them. 


#4 Isolation Tactics

One of the major relationship crisis signs is when you fall out of touch with your friends and family. 

If you find that you are not spending as much time with people as you want because your partner does not wish you to then you may be in a bad relationship. 

This behaviour is characterised by tracking you everywhere you go and making sure you never have any free time. 

While you are busy doing things the other person will rarely bother to help you making sure your time is even more restricted. This is all designed to change the way you think by reducing outside influences. 

#5 Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the warning signs of a toxic relationship. The jealousy can take many forms. 

The obvious cases are when you are accused of being attracted to someone else even if you do something so small as to look in the wrong direction. 

They will also be jealous of your time and resent even what little time you do find to spend with other people, even those that are clearly not a dating threat like family or even pets. 

It will also extend to the things that you do well and you may be shamed about your positive qualities until you come to resent them.

#6 Blackmailing you Emotionally

If you have ever been told that doing the wrong thing will result in you being left or something you love being taken away, then this is a massive one of the crisis signs against healthy relationship.

An abusive partner wants to make you afraid. Whether that is fear of being alone or fear of losing something it is just another form of control. 

 This can also extend outside of your home. They may threaten you with the loss of your job, saying they can get you fired. They may tell lies to your family or to an authority like the police in order to restrict your freedoms.

#7 They are Never in the Wrong

When you are in a bad relationship you will find that no matter what happens, it is always your fault. 

Even when they are in the middle of threatening you and demeaning you, an abusive partner will twist it until it is your fault for making them behave this way. 

If your partner tells you that things were better before you came along then this is one of the warning signs of a toxic relationship you need to watch out for. 

It is all part of their scheme to reduce your sense of self-worth. The truth is, they were always abusive and you did not cause it.

#8 Controlling Behaviour

If you feel like someone else has total control over every single aspect of your like then you may be in a bad relationship. 

Particularly if they control your finances. Even if an abusive partner does not earn any income, they will dictate how and where any money can be spent. 

When it comes to your social life, one of the crisis signs to be aware of is that they must approve any potential friends

Even if you are able to make friends, they will tell you how often you may see them and how much time you may spend with them. As you try to keep your abusive partner happy you lose the time to do other things. 

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#9 Hypocritical Double Standards

When you are in a bad relationship, there are two sets of rules

The ones that apply to you, which are many and varied and incredibly restrictive, and then there are the ones which apply to the abuser which are non-existent.

For example, you have to ask permission in order to buy anything but your partner can buy whatever they want whenever they want. 

Another is that you may be told that you have to stay home instead of spending time with friends. Meanwhile, your abusive partner gets to go out for the evening and you are left behind.

#10 Periodic Rage

If you are wondering "are you in a bad relationship?" another question you need to ask id "are you afraid?" 

If you worry that doing the wrong thing will cause your partner to become angry with you, then you are in a bad relationship. 

The problem is, anything can set off an abusive partner. When the rages do happen it is always bad. 

This is one of the more obvious crisis signs as your partner will be shouting, swearing and may even break things. They are trying to make you feel scared of them, not just physically but mentally due to their unpredictability.

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What can you do?

So you have identified the warning signs of a toxic relationship and you want to know what your options are. 

They key is to find an avenue of escape so that you can be on your own. Once you have escaped there is nothing wrong with dating again. 

If the abusive person was someone you met locally, you may find better luck with a dating site. Remember, you are worth caring about and you deserve to have someone that supports you in all of your endeavours