13 Bad Dating Stories You'll Never Forget

Jun 26, 2018

We’ve all been on some bad dates, but the great thing about them is that they can produce some hilarious bad date stories! 

We’ve put together some of the best worst date stories on the internet, so that if you’ve got some interesting dating stories of your own, at least you know it wasn’t as bad as some of these! 

#1 Bad online dating stories: “Haha, no”

There are a few great bad online dating storiesout there, but this one might be one of the rudest. 

A man agreed to meet up with a woman he met on the internet for a date, but when she arrived, she took one look at him and said, “Haha, no” and walked out! If that isn’t a blow to the ego…

#2  Funny Dating Stories: Keeping it in the Family

One man had been talking online with a really cute girl who lived in his area. He went to meet her and was horrified to find that it was his sister - they’d both made fake profiles, and consequently hadn’t recognised each other!

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#3 Bad Dates: Stop Thief!

One man, in one of our favourite crazy dating stories, found his date in his kitchen helping herself to his silverware! 
He got his own back, however, as he tipped the last of the pie he’d made her into her handbag and squished it closed. Presumably after he got all his knives and forks back! Her response upon being caught? “Oopsie!”

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#4 Bad Dates: Mistaken Identity

One woman had a terrible date with a man who, after the date was over, texted his friend to complain to her about how awful it was. 
Not so bad, right? Well, the woman and her date’s friend happened to share a name… You guessed it. It took him twenty minutes to figure out that he’d been texting his date instead of his friend. Ouch. Still, it makes for some funny dating stories, right?

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#5 Bad Dates: Mistaken Identity II

A woman who had a huge crush on a guy in her class was super excited to be going on a date with him… Until she turned up to find she’d been talking over text with another guy who shared his name. 

She politely stuck it out, but declined a second date.

#6 Funny Dating Stories: Puppy Love

We can all write off our first ever date as a disaster, right? 

One young man, on his first date at age 15, told the girl that he loved her at the end of the evening! This one isn’t quite one of those bad date stories, however, as when he explained that it had been a ‘heat of the moment’ reaction, she laughed it off and agreed to continue seeing him. Awwww!

#7 Bad Dates: Escape Hatch

This one has to be one of the best worst date stories we’ve heard. A woman was being made to feel uncomfortable by her date, who she thought actually slipped something into her drink. 

She excused herself to use the bathroom, and went home. 

When her date called to ask if she was feeling alright as she’d been in there for some time, she clarified that she’d meant the bathroom in her apartment, not the one in the bar, and hung up. He certainly had that one coming!

#8 Crazy Dating Stories: Halloween Horror

One man met his date when he was working in a restaurant. The man invited him out for ice cream, and then asked him if he would like to see where he ‘prepared the bodies’. 

It turned out that he worked in a funeral parlour, but that doesn’t make it much better - the guy even had the cheek to ask for a second date!

#9 Bad Dates: Cheapskate Date

One woman went on two dates with a man who insisted that they go Dutch on their drinks. 

Fair enough, but what put her off was when he insisted that they share a cab, and hopped out at his flat without paying his share of the fare. 

She didn’t even mind that the first time - but when it happened again she declined the third date!

#10 Funny Dating Stories: Eau de Pizza

One woman arranged to have her date pick her up from where she worked at a kitchen after her shift. 

One of her co-workers managed to start a fire by leaving a pizza in the oven for too long - she saved the day by removing the pizza and throwing it in the sink. 

She and her date still managed to have a great time, even though she reeked of burnt pizza! It went well in spite of the stench, apparently, because they did end up married.

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#11 Bad Dates: Drunk and Disorderly

This is one of those dating stories that shows you shouldn’t rely too heavily on Dutch courage. 

A woman arrived to find her date so drunk he fell over a chair. When she went to leave, in his haste to kiss her, he knocked someone else’s drink into her bag. She found a cocktail umbrella in there when she got home.

#12 Crazy Dating Stories: Legal Eagle

One man met up with his date, and had a great time until he mentioned that he was a lawyer. 

His date then spent the rest of the evening telling him about the pet custody battle between her parents over their dog, and asking him if he would represent her brother who was out on bail!

#13 Bad Dates: Always Look a Gift Date in the Mouth

If you’re after bad date stories, this is a doozy, and a lesson for us all. One woman met up with a man she’d been chatting with on a dating site - when he smiled to greet her, she saw he had only two or three teeth! Having excused herself early, she went home and checked his profile pictures… He was smiling closed-mouthed in all of them. Yikes!

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The internet is a wonderful thing

You might be put off by some of these stories, but online dating is one of the best ways to meet a wide variety of people. And who knows, even some of the worst dates can have happy endings, and you will have a great how-we-got-